Students who call First Baptist Wheaton home are experiencing real opportunities to know Jesus, live life with purpose, and invite others to do the same. FBW Students is a great place for those who are exploring this whole Jesus thing and those who are committed followers of Christ. If you are a student in 6th-12th grade you should come check it out. We would love to meet you and help you explore what a real relationship with Jesus looks like. 

Summers are the best. They are all about connecting with other people and relaxing. Over the summer we take a break from our normal Wednesday night gathering. Some week's we'll take a day trip and others we'll just play soccer with some neighborhood kids in the yard, and some weeks we won't do anything. To stay in the loop make sure to visit the events and registration page. 


Sunday morning is our student specific teaching time. We take time to hang out and play a little game, but the main focus is digging into God's word. Our hope is that our students learn how to approach the Bible with confidence; feeling like they can read the Bible on their own and having a meaningful encounter with Jesus no matter where they are. After our teaching time we go to the main church service to connect with God and with other Christians who aren't teens.