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Small groups are the best way for you to get connected with other students at FBW, and it is a great way to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus! If those things sound appealing to you here are some things you'll want to know. 

  • Groups will range from 4-12 people. The groups are specific to age (middle school or high school) as well as gender in middle school (boys or girls). 
  • Small groups will study the Bible, serve together, talk about life, and have a ton of fun. 
  • We view small groups as the next step in commitment to your faith. We don't expect you to be perfect (none of us are), but we do expect you to be invested in your group. 
  • A couple of great adults will lead your group through the year. They will meet with you in church and probably spend some time with you outside of church as well. 
  • Small groups meet at church on Sunday nights during the school year. Make sure to check the current calendar for dates. 

Cost: $30

This will cover the cost of materials for the whole year.
Please pay in cash or make checks to First Baptist Church of Wheaton.


Fall Studies

Click the pictures below for more information on each study. 

Middle School

Our next study will be announced soon. 







High School

Our next study will be announced soon. 

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