The future is bright for all but one at Mayhem High... In the midst of a winning football season, school pride is running rampant at the high school. Not only is competition fierce on the football field, but the students are battling it out for grades, popularity, affection, class ranking as well as the coveted homecoming king and queen title. 

With so much excitement surrounding the election, everyone is planning on being in attendance at the dance to see who will be crowned royalty. While competition breeds excellence, it will also make one guest commit an act of vengeance…

At the dance, the criminal will shimmy among the innocent and try to go unnoticed. With their futures on the line, it will be up to the students and staff of Mayhem High to make sure the felon does not go free.

Things are getting spooky at MSM & HSM on November 2 from 7-9 pm. We're having ourselves a good old-fashioned murder mystery party. When each student registers they will be given an identity packet. This packet will tell them everything they need to know, say, and wear for the party. Prizes will be awarded for best dressed, most spirited, and of course whoever figures out the identity of the culprit. 

To join the fun make sure you get registered. Everyone registered by October 19th will be guaranteed a unique identity. The party is free, so make sure to invite your friends. 

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