NURSERY (Infant – 30 Months)
Children are never too young to hear about the God who made them and loves them. That is why each Sunday morning babies and toddlers enjoy books, music and toys while in the loving care of our trained staff. It is our hope that our demonstration of God’s love through hugs, smiles and laughter will help to create a foundation of trust that will later lead these little ones to a trust in God.

The Nursery is divided into two classes based on mobility: Infants for birth until your child is walking, and toddlers, for children walking up to 3 years old.

Nursery is available at 9:00am and 10:30 am.

PRESCHOOL (Age 2.5– Grade Pre K)

Preschoolers are learning and growing in amazing ways. We believe that an active, hands-on approach is the best learning environment for this age group. So every week we are ready for them with activity centers, songs, fun crafts, big games, and best of all a Bible story taken straight from the Bible and told in a way that they will both understand and enjoy.  

It is our hope that your preschooler will learn:
•    God MADE me.
•    God LOVES me.
•    Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.

Preschool is available at 9:00am and 10:30am.

ELEMENTARY (Grades K - 3)
We are committed to connecting your child with the same friends and same leader—EVERY SUNDAY!  Here kids and leaders will travel through God’s Word together to discover how stories like Moses, Noah, David and Jesus all fit together into one big, redemptive story of God’s rescue plan for us.  

Elementary meets at 9:00am.

THE EDGE (Grades 4 - 6)
Preteens are on the edge of children’s and youth ministry. We recognize that they have specific emotional, social and spiritual needs. That’s why we have created a unique environment for them to belong where they can learn to build friendships that last and be equipped to begin to discovering who God created them to be. 

EDGE meets at 9:00am.

KIDSCHURCH (Grades K - 6)
We want kids actively engaged in worship. At the beginning of each 10:30 worship service, grades K – 5 join the larger body to worship together in the sanctuary. Space is reserved up front for families. This gives kids the best view of what is going on without having to strain to see over the top of all the tall people in front of them. Before the sermon, kids are dismissed to KidsChurch for a multi-sensory message  and activities designed specifically for them.

KidsChurch meets at 10:30am.

Kids Min Sunday Mornings