Safety and Security in Kids Min

Allergies and Special Needs

Please notify us of ANY and ALL allergies, medical or behavioral special needs so we can best serve your children. We do provide peanut-free snacks in the classroom. If your child has a food allergy you are welcome to provide a non-peanut snack from home.


In nursery and preschool, parents should fill out a secrutiy tag. One part of the tag stays with the child the other goes with the parent. Children will only be released to an adult with a matching tag. Elementary age children should be dropped off and picked up by an adult. Edge students are free to come and go on their own.

Background Checks

All Kidsmin volunteers have been carefully trained and all adults have been back-ground checked before serving in your children’s classrooms.


Children who have shown signs of fever, vomiting, or other contagious illnesses should be symptom and fever free for 24 hours bevroem coming to Kidsmin