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I give consent to for my child to partcipate in Homework Club at First Baptist Wheaton. I give permission for my child to be treated in the event of an emergency and authorize the leadership of First Baptist Wheaton to act in my behalf in this matter. I consent for my child to participate in various Christian activities, including Bible stories, songs, and prayer.
Release to use Photographic Images on Web or Print Publications
The undersigned consents to have photographs taken of my child during club to be used on the First Baptist Wheaton Website and/or in Homework Club promotional material. No names will be used.

HOMEWORK CLUB is a weekly opportunity for students grades 1-5 to get help with homework, build relationships, and practice English.  Trained tutors will be present to support students in their academic work and provide extra educational enrichment as time allows.

This year, we are excited to introduce new Homework Club theme nights!  In addition to working on homework each week, students will get to participate in fun activities, including crafts, music, games, reading buddies, and Bible stories.  Each Homework Club will also begin with a large group read aloud time and finish with a small snack.     

 Homework Club is on Mondays from 6:45-8:15pm at FBW and begins on September 18.