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Questions—Pastor Mike Rowe

Lots of questions and answers have been flowing back-and-forth in recent weeks between First Baptist and Highpoint. Each church is trying to get to know the other to determine whether we are a good match for each other. Behind what is asked, however, is sometimes a more fundamental question: “What about us?” Although it is important to figure such things out as we move forward, is there a more biblical question we should be asking? Let’s talk about that this morning.

Boat Hugger or Water Walker

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In this passage, Peter takes a faith risk, not knowing what will happen, and Jesus meets him. We’ll talk about the faith risks we need to take in our own lives in order to grow in our faith.

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We welcome Ron Zappia, Senior Pastor at Highpoint Church, as our speaker this coming Sunday. After spending seven years in the business world, Pastor Ron and his wife, Jody, felt called to plant a church. He quit his job, went to seminary, and in the year 2000, stepped out in faith with Jody and a handful of people to plant Highpoint Church. What started as a small gathering of people in a high school auditorium has grown to be a multi-site church reaching thousands in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Pastor Ron has since raised up and sent out church planters to plant vertically-oriented, gospel-centered churches around the country.



Easter 2018: Dr. Ed Stetzer- The Resurrected Hands

The Resurrected Hands - Thomas - John 20:24-29 - Ed Stetzer, guest speaker

The women had seen him. The other disciples had seen him. And yet Thomas stood firm in his resolve that he would not believe until he touched the very scars of Jesus’ hands. What makes a heart so stubborn as to resist the testimony of his dearest friends? What makes a heart so humble as for Jesus to submit to Thomas’ demand? The resurrected hands will give us insight into Thomas, ourselves and our Savior.


We welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Ed Stetzer, Ph.D., who holds the Billy Graham Chair of Church, Mission and Evangelism at Wheaton College and serves as Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism. He has planted, revitalized and pastored churches, trained pastors and church planters on six continents, and has written dozens of articles and books. Stetzer is a contributing editor for Christianity Today, a columnist for Outreach Magazine, and is frequently cited or interviewed in news outlets such as USA Today and CNN. He is the Executive Editor of The Gospel Project, a curriculum used by more than one million individuals each week. Stetzer is also Executive Editor of Facts & Trends Magazine, a Christian leadership magazine with a circulation of more than 70,000 readers.

Withstanding Opposition

Whenever God is at work- whenever God's people are doing His work- Satan will oppose it. Whenever God's people are actively building up the body of Christ and the kingdom of God, Satan will be right there seeking to bring it down. How do we withstand enemy opposition without laying down our tools and giving up on our role in God's great project? Nehemiah 4 points the way. 

Our guest speaker, John Waldrop, serves in a city in the Middle East with his wife Esther.  John serves in pastoral ministry. He and his wife, Esther, who teaches at a international school, are the parents of five children Wendy, Johnny, Jackson, Hope and Mollie.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

The old story about the two brick masons reminds us of the importance of motivation. When asked what they were doing, the first mumbled,"I'm building a wall." The second responded with great enthusiasm, "I'm building a cathedral!" God has called His people to to be a part of His building project--the one project that will outlast this world! Today we discover from Nehemiah 1 how we can be a part of that great project. 

Our guest speaker, John Waldrop, serves  in a city in the Middle East in the area of pastoral ministry with his wife Esther. He and his wife, Esther, who teaches at a international School, are the parents of five children Wendy, Johnny, Jackson, Hope and Mollie.

Friendly Fire

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Battles are inevitable. People have been fighting each other since the beginning of time.  Countless soldiers have died in these conflicts.  What creates an acutely bitter taste in our mouths, however, is when a soldier dies from friendly fire.  That is not supposed to happen, but it does.  Might it also happen in the spiritual realm?  As we believers wage war with the kingdom of darkness might we at times turn our weapons on each other?  Let’s see what Peter has to say about that.

Set Apart

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Peter finally takes a breath.  After he finishes exalting in all that God has done for and given to us he slows down.  It is like he remembers he is writing a letter and that people will read that letter wondering what it all means?  We are those people.  We are glad for Peter’s reminders but how should they affect us as we head out the door each day?  Let’s see what Peter has to say.


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How easily we forget things.  In the busyness of life, commitments made slip from our memories like wet soap from our hands.  Add in physical pain or emotional trauma and our brains lose track of even the most important things. That’s why Peter doesn’t begin his letter by focusing on our hardships; we are already aware of those. He begins by reminding us of what is truly, eternally important, a great place to start.

Breakthrough Sunday

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This summer has been unlike any summer in our recent past. For five straight weeks we had 67 children coming to our church five days per week. We not only had the privilege of helping them with their academics, but were able to bring them face to face with the love of Jesus. Through the tireless effort of our teachers, aides and volunteers we saw minds expand and hearts warm to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Let us tell you this Sunday morning some of what God did through “Summer Breakthrough Camp.”


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How many of us remember those dreaded gym classes when sides had to be selected for a game? The teacher appointed captains and the torture began.  The longer you stood waiting the more our anxiety increased. Woe be to you if you were the last player selected.  You may as well have stayed on the bench.  Fortunately, Peter begins his letter by making clear that we are not after-thoughts or forced selections on God’s part.  We were “chosen...long ago” and that makes all the difference in the world!